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How to rent out your car!
How to rent out your car!

The most important questions about renting a car as a host!

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From version 7.3.0 of the app, you now have the opportunity for not only daily but also long-term rentals (known as subscriptions).

Who Can Rent Out Their Car on Cristo Share?

Anyone can earn money by renting out their car on Cristo Share, whether as a private individual or as a legal entity. You can only rent out a car on Cristo Share if it is registered in Hungary, suitable for public road traffic, has a valid technical inspection, can be driven with a category B driver's license, and you are authorized to rent it out as the owner or with the owner's consent.

You must complete an identification process, which can be done with a driver's license or ID card. Read more about identification here.

You need to fill out your car's lessor profile.

Another requirement for renting out your car is that it must have a Pro package.

Car rental profile

Here are the steps and details you need to enter to rent your car on Cristo Share.

1. Open the Cristo Share page in the app by clicking on the Share tab in the top menu bar or on the Hub button in the bottom menu bar, then the Share icon. By clicking on the My cars menu item, select the car you would like to rent out.

2. Fill in your car rental profile!

Vehicle data

Enter your vehicle's basic data (license plate, vehicle type, model year, fuel type) and we will use this information to provide you with the number of seats and doors, power and fuel consumption data based on official factory data.


You can set the conditions under which you rent your car: whether it can be used abroad, whether you have casco or assistance insurance, whether you allow smoking in the car or whether you allow pets. You also have the option to limit how many kilometers your car can be used per day and determine an extra kilometer fee beyond this limit.


Write some thoughts about who you would recommend your car to and highlight its best features!


Choose from the list what your car has (e.g. air conditioning, cruise control, bluetooth hands-free, child seat, etc.).

Handover location

Indicate where the car can be picked up: you can select a fixed location or specify how many kilometres you are willing to transport the car. You can also set a delivery fee.


Mark the days when you can rent your car. You can also set a minimum rental period and a pick-up/drop-off time interval, for example between 1 pm - 4 pm.

Rental fee

This is the amount you will receive for renting your car. Enter how much you would like to receive for a day's car rental (Ft/day) and at the start of the rental we will transfer the rental fee to the account number you have provided after we have deducted it from your credit card. If you want to increase your security during the rental, you can set a deposit, the amount of which is also up to you.

πŸ’‘ Here you can indicate whether your car is available for casual and/or subscription rentals. You have the option to activate both options.


Upload photos of your car! You can take or upload multiple photos, and you also have the option to provide a YouTube video link.


Identify yourself! If you haven't already done so, you can also identify yourself here. Click on Host at the bottom of the page to identify yourself, which you can do with your ID card and driver's license as a host.

Host details

Here you can indicate whether you are renting as a private individual or a legal entity, and you can also enter the bank account number to which we will transfer the fee due to you at the beginning of the rental period. It is important that the information you provide here is accurate as this will be the basis for the rental contract.

3. Activate your car rental profile! You can stop filling in the form at any time and the data you have already entered will be automatically saved. If you have filled in everything correctly, you can activate your car rental profile at the top. It will then immediately appear in the list of available cars.

The process of hiring

The entire process of renting a car is done online, in the app! Don't forget that when you hand over your car in person, both you and the renter will need the app.

Booking a car

You will be notified when a reservation is made for your car. You have 24 hours to accept or decline it. Only users who have already identified themselves in our application with their driving licence can make a booking request for your car.

Rental status

On the Cristo Share home page you can see the rental status of your car, click on it to find out more details and follow the deadlines and events ahead. You can find out more about deadlines by clicking here.


Do you have questions for each other? On Cristo Share you can chat about your rental questions.

Car handover

Prepare your car: clean it, pack your personal belongings, check that everything is in order with your car, record valid toll vignette in the app, and we recommend you fill it up (and return it with a full tank at the end of the rental so there are no disputes about fuel).

Your renter will not only have your car for the duration of the rental, but also the Pro features of the app. When you hand over the car, show him the app if he hasn't used it before. This can also enhance the car rental experience.

The delivery process is also done in the app. When it's time to pick up the car, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the agreed location at the pre-arranged time

  2. As the host, you can start the handover/acceptance process by clicking on the Start the takeover process button at the bottom of the rental page in the app.

  3. The renter will then see a I take over the car button on the rental page. Click on this to take pictures of the car and start the rental process.


During the rental period, your renter can use the app and your car at Pro user level. This means that the renter can start a parking session in the app at Pro user level, renter will be notified if she/he have used a motorway section for which the app does not have a valid sticker (so it is recommended that you record valid motorway vignette in advance), his/her driving will be analysed to encourage balanced car use.

Of course, data management is important during the rental process, so the renter will not see your previous trips and statistics.

And as long as the renter has your car, you can't see where it is, you can't use the Where's my car? function, you can't initiate a parking session. However, for your safety, we will tell you if you have only allowed your car to be used in Hungary, but it crosses the border, and you can find out how much and how the hirer used your car during the rental in the end of rental report.

Returning car

When the rental period is over, the lessor can start the car return process at the agreed place and time.

  1. The lessor can start the process by clicking the Initiate return process button on the rental page

  2. Then a report appears on the rental page, which includes the most important events during the rental. This report is for informational purposes, based on which you can clarify any arising questions.

  3. After reviewing the report content, the lessor can take back their car by clicking the Return button. They can take pictures of the car's return condition and, if they notice any problems, negotiate with you here on how much they claim from the deposit.


Finally, do not forget to review the lessor and the car, and how satisfied you were with it!

On the Cristo Share page, only those who participated in the rental as a lessee or lessor can leave a review, so you won't encounter fake feedback or reviews.

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