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How can I subscribe to the Pro package? How can I modify my payment?
How can I subscribe to the Pro package? How can I modify my payment?
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If you would like to subscribe to the Pro package and enjoy the extra convenience services that come with it, you can do so within the application, paying by card.

  1. Inside the app, select the car for which you want to request a Pro membership. Here's how to add a new car to your profile!

  2. Click on the Pro membership card in the bottom left corner.

  3. By clicking on the details of the Pro membership, we list the benefits that come with the subscription, and at the bottom of the page, you can decide whether you want to choose a monthly or annual subscription.

  4. Enter the delivery address where the Beat device can be delivered.

  5. The order is finalised when the first fee is paid,

    a) choose a credit card or give your billing address
    b) here you have the possibility to claim a discount coupon code

How long does it take for the Beat to arrive?

We post the Beat device with Foxpost after payment, and typically it takes 2-3 business days for delivery.

What should I do when the Beat arrives?

Simply connect the Beat to your car's OBDII port, just like you would plug in a USB drive. Where do you find your car's OBDII port? How do you connect the Beat? Click here to find out!

Where can I set up or change the payment for the Pro package?

  1. Select the car with the Pro membership where you would like to set up/change the payment for the Pro package.

  2. Click on the Your Car Status card, and then open the Pro membership at the bottom of the page.

  3. Here you will find the details of your selected car's subscription, and here you have the option to change the credit card and billing address. The next fee for your Pro membership will be deducted at the time indicated here, with the payment details provided.

If you decide to switch from monthly to annual payment, you can also do that here.

Where can I find the transaction list for the Pro membership payment?

You can also find information about the Pro subscription payment within the Car Status card at the bottom of the page by clicking on the Pro membership, and then clicking on the grey list icon in the top right corner.

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