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What does the Pro package offer?
What does the Pro package offer?

This is what you get when you subscribe to the Pro package!

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Choose the Pro package and maximize your driving experience! By choosing our Pro package, you can “smartify” your car and fully enjoy the features offered by the app.

Why will make my driving more comfortable as a Pro subscriber?

As part of the Pro package, for the duration of your subscription, we provide you with a telemetry device called Beat, that will make your daily driving easier!

What services and features are available as a Pro subscriber?

Parking with Pro package

You can pay for parking without the Pro package in the app as well, but as a subscriber, we make your life even easier! You can use the automatic parking stop function when you start parking, so as soon as you leave your parking place, the parking meter stops automatically.

Road recording, driving analysis

As part of the Pro package, Beat automates the recording of your trips, so you can review your routes and we also indicate the incorrect driving events you have committed (e.g., sudden acceleration, deceleration, or turning). Based on these events, your driving style is scored, with our goal being to encourage better driving habits. However, you don't need to worry, these driving events do not affect the premium of your insurance with us. You can also see daily/weekly/monthly statistics about your trips in the app.

Trip logging, driving analysis

As a Pro subscriber, you can request a log of the trips you have made, as the Beat device automatically records your routes. All you need to do is turn on the trip logging feature, and we will send you an email on the 1st of every month with the log of the previous month's trips.

Vehicle data

Since the Beat device connects to your car via the OBDII port, it can read data from it (but cannot intervene). It's important to mention that the range of data displayed depends on the type and model year of the vehicle!

Error code reading

Beat can also read any error codes from your vehicle, which we will display in the app, so you can seek your mechanic with already the right information in hand.


Weather alerts: If you turn on this feature, we will notify you if your car's location is at risk of a second or third-level weather alert. You can turn on the function by clicking on your profile picture, then going to Settings, and then Notifications.

Car movement: If you want to be notified about your car's movement, you can turn on this function by clicking on the Car status card. This way, if someone tries to steal your car, you will definitely be notified.

Highway sticker alert

Beat will also alert you if you accidentally enter a toll road for which the app indicates you don't have a valid highway sticker. Why is this good? Because you have 60 minutes from the time of entry to purchase a valid highway sticker, helping you avoid penalties.

Mileage-based casco

Conveniently, automatically, tailored to your driving habits. As a Pro subscriber, you can A unique casco structure in Hungary, where you pay the casco based on the kilometers traveled. Very convenient and fully automated, tailored to your car usage habits. As a Pro subscriber, you can take out the Cristo Casco Move package, which provides full security for your car. Moreover, Beat detects when you are on the road and counts the kilometers traveled, so you don't have to worry about notifying us when your car is in motion or parked in front of your house. Want to learn more about Cristo Casco? Click here! Click here!

"Where is my car?" feature

Beat knows where you left your car, so we'll show you and navigate you to it at the touch of a button.


As a Pro subscriber, you can review the kilometers traveled, driving time, and total driving scores on charts. You can even place the statistics as a widget on the homepage.

Fleet Manager

We offer the Fleet Manager service at a discount to Pro subscribers.

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