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Adding and Managing Cars
Adding and Managing Cars
Updated over a week ago

Within the application, you have the opportunity to register and manage one or several cars at the same time. To know which vehicle profile you are currently using, always check the license plate number found in the top left corner!

Adding a car/vehicle:

To add your first vehicle, select the Add car widget on the Main page, then enter the vehicle details. The license plate number (foreign plates are also acceptable) and the type of vehicle must be provided.

To add more vehicles to your profile, click on the plate number in the upper left corner, then press the „+” button in the pop-up window.

Modifying Car Data

You can find and modify the data of your cars under the My Vehicles section, by clicking on your profile picture. If, for instance, your car gets a new license plate, or the vehicle's data was recorded incorrectly, and you can’t modify it, send us a message via the Chat in the application, or at the following email address:

Deleting a Saved Car

You can also delete your saved car by clicking on your profile picture, and going to the My Vehicles section. Select the vehicle you wish to delete, press the Edit button to open the vehicle's details, and finally click on the Delete button at the bottom. Important to note: you cannot delete a car that has a valid Cristo Assistance and/or Casco insurance! If you still want to delete such a car from your profile, write to us via the Chat found in the application, or at, and we will help you!

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