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How to cancel my Pro membership?
How to cancel my Pro membership?
Updated over a week ago

This is how you can cancel your Pro subscription if you no longer need it in the future.

If you decide you no longer want to be a Pro subscriber and would like to cancel all of its benefits (analysis of trips, statistics about your driving, creating travel logs, automatic parking termination, displaying car data, etc.), you can do so in the following way:

  1. Click on the license plate in the top left corner to select the car for which you want to cancel the Pro membership

  2. Click on the Pro tab in the top menu bar, or on the Pro button inside the Hub tab in the bottom menu bar.

  3. Press the Pro membership widget

  4. Here, by pressing the Cancel my pro plan button, you can request the termination of your Pro membership.

After cancellation, you can still use our Pro services until the end of the previously paid period. Once your Pro membership has expired, but you change your mind and still want to be a Pro subscriber, you have the option to restart your membership. If the paid period expires after the cancellation, by clicking on the Pro membership card, you will see the following window:

You can restart your Pro membership here, by clicking on the Restart my Pro plan button.

Address to return the Beat device:

If you decide to permanently cancel the Pro membership, we ask that you send back the telemetry device received as part of the Pro package to our headquarters as soon as possible after the subscription ends. The address of our headquarters can be seen below:

Smartsurance Technologies Kft.
Kossuth út 67.

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