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How can I connect the Beat to my car?
How can I connect the Beat to my car?
Updated over a week ago

After successfully ordering the Pro membership, we will deliver you a telemetry device, the Beat. You can follow the status of your order by clicking on the card in the bottom left corner.

Once the Beat arrives, you can connect it to your car in the following way:

  1. Scan the QR code
    Once you have the Beat, click on the card in the bottom left corner in the app and scan the device's QR code with your camera.

  2. Connect the Beat
    The Beat needs to be connected to the so-called OBDII port of your car when it is turned off and not in ignition. The OBDII is typically found in the locations marked with green dots on the image (depending on the vehicle). If you can't find it, you can check this page to find out exactly where to look for it in your own car.

  3. Start your car for a few minutes
    This is necessary so that the Beat's battery gets a little charge, and so we can also detect in our system that the device has been connected.

  4. Successful connection
    If everything went well, you will receive a notification in a pop-up window, that the device has been successfully connected. Following this, the services and features within the Pro membership become available.

Important! Ideally, do not connect the device in an underground garage, but in a place where there is definitely a signal. The Beat sends us the necessary data via the SIM card inside it, which is not possible without a signal.

If you are stuck or encounter any issues, feel free to contact us through the app via Chat, which you can find under the Customer service button in the Hub tab.

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