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How to set up my invoice address within the Pro membership?
How to set up my invoice address within the Pro membership?

Setting up invoice address as private user or part of the fleet manager

Updated over a week ago

Set up or modify the invoice address within your Pro membership!

  1. Select the car with the Pro membership for which you want to set up or modify the payment or billing details of the Pro membership.

  2. Click on the Pro tab in the top menu bar, or on the Pro button inside the Hub tab in the bottom menu bar.

  3. Press the Pro membership widget

  4. Here you will find the details of your selected car's subscription, and here you can modify the given credit card and billing address details. We also indicate here when the next automatic payment is due.

Billing Address within the Fleet Manager

If you have a registered vehicle that is a member of the Cristo Fleet, and you have also received permission from the fleet manager for the Pro membership, then you can cover the subscription fee with a credit card registered by the fleet manager. As a result, the invoice address is also set centrally by the fleet manager, and you are not able to modify it.


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