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This is what you can expect as a car owner after activating your profile
This is what you can expect as a car owner after activating your profile

Car reservation, coordination with the renter, and the details of renting your car

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This article outlines what you can expect when you activate your car rental profile on the Cristo Share platform.

Activating the car

After you've completed your car rental profile, you can make your car available by sliding the top Active profile slider. This will make your car accessible to users on the Cristo Share platform according to your settings.

Booking 🀝

We will notify you as soon as there is a reservation request for your car. ☺️ You can accept or reject it within 24 hours.

πŸ’‘ It's a good idea to grant the app permission to send notifications so that you can be promptly informed about reservations! 🚘

Contract with the lessee

A rental contract is automatically generated for each rental between you and the lessee based on the provided information and terms. You can review and accept the rental contract as part of the process, which we will send to you via email, and it will also be accessible on the Booking page in the future.

You can preview the sample rental agreement as an attachment to the current Terms and Conditions

Booking details

Have you found a lessee? Great! 🀩 In the app, you can track upcoming events and deadlines on the Booking page.

You can easily access the Booking page from the Cristo Share homepage because it will appear there as soon as you receive a booking. You can also see the status of the booking on this page.

Conversation with the lessee

If you want to coordinate with the lessee, you can communicate on the Booking page by clicking on the message icon.

Handing over the car to the lessee πŸš˜πŸ«΄πŸ»πŸ”‘

To facilitate the handover process, you will need the application.

  1. Make sure that the person you are handing the car to is indeed your lessee.

  2. Start the process of handing over the car in the application!

  3. Afterward, your lessee will take possession of the car while taking photos all around it, and the rental period begins.

During the rental, your lessee will also receive the basic services of the Pro package.

πŸ’‘When handing over the car, introduce your lessee to the benefits of the Pro functionality if they haven't used it before. This can enhance the car rental experience.

Edit my car's details

Would you like to edit your car's availability? Rewrite your car's description? Add more pictures or even a video? You can edit your car's profile anytime! To do this, within the Cristo Share platform, click on the My Vehicles menu, select your car, and click the small pencil ✏️ icon to modify your car's rental page.

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