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What is Cristo Share?
What is Cristo Share?
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Cristo Share enables you to rent and lease cars among users of the app. It allows you to rent or lease cars

  • in a secure environment;

  • with online, simple processes;

  • with a rental agreement that represents the interests of both the lessor and the lessee;

  • and with identified users.

What makes it different from other car rental companies?

There are many platforms to rent a car and more and more opportunities to earn money by renting your car. We have dreamed up a new carsharing solution where we make both renting and hiring cars safer thanks to data, that comes from a telemetric device. When you rent a car with us, you'll not only get a car, but also the most convenient features of our application for the duration of the rental, such as remembering to start or stop a parking charge, and the ability to check back your journeys. And as a renter, you won't have to worry about how your car is being used, as our telemetry tool encourages our renters to drive in a balanced way, among other things.

Where can I find Cristo Share?

Cristo Share can be accessed by clicking on the Share tab in the top menu bar or on the Hub button in the bottom menu bar, then clicking on the Share icon.

What extra service do I get with Cristo Share?

If you rent a car in the app on the Cristo Share page

  • a rental contract is made for the rental

  • you can rent a car from a trusted, identified user

  • you can view authentic reviews of potential rentals, which helps you rent a reliable car from a trusted car owner

  • full use of the app's most convenient features for the duration of the rental (e.g.: parking payment with automatic stop, toll sticker alert and purchase, statistics, driving analysis)

  • rate each other at the end of the rental, as only people who have participated in the rental as renters or lessors can rate each other.

  • you must take photographs of the condition of the car when you take it over so that you can later prove the condition in which you took it over

If you rent your car through the Cristo Share page in the app:

  • a rental agreement is created for the rental

  • only an identified user can rent your car

  • you set the rental fee and deposit

  • you decide to whom and under what conditions you rent your car

  • you can view authentic reviews of your potential renter, which will help you to rent your car to a reliable driver

  • at the end of the rental period, you will receive a report on how your renter drove your car, what events happened during the rental period. For example, this will help you to avoid being surprised if your car didn't have a parking ticket or a highway vignette.

  • The report at the end of the rental also helps you evaluate your renter, showing an average score of their driving style. Only those who participated in the rental as a lessor or lessee can leave a review.

  • If you have allowed your car to be used only in Hungary, you will receive a notification if it crosses the country border.

  • If you have Cristo Casco insurance, it provides protection during the rental as well.

Occasional and subscription rentals

On the Cristo Share platform, you have the option for occasional, i.e., daily rentals, and long-term, so-called subscription rentals. With occasional rental, the car can be rented for a few days based on the daily fee set by the lessor. With subscription rental, you can rent the selected car for several months. However, not all cars are available for both occasional and subscription rental; this is also the lessor's decision, which is indicated on the car's profile and during the search.

For more details on the terms under which cars can be rented and the process of car rental or leasing, we have written more in our Help Center.

Who can be a lessor?

As an individual or, if the car is owned by a company, as a company, you can lease out your car in Cristo Share. You must undergo an identification process to lease out a car, as only identified users can lease out a car in the app. We identify you as an individual even if you are leasing out a company-owned car. In this case, you represent the company in the leasing process. If you identify yourself with an ID card, you can only lease out; if you do it with a driving license, you can both lease out and rent. The identification is done in your Cristo Share profile, which consists of taking a photo of your ID and a selfie.

Further conditions for leasing out include that the car has a Pro membership.

Who can rent a car?

As a renter, you must have a valid driving license and undergo a simple identification process. Another condition for renting a car is having a credit card, as payment is made online with a credit card. The identification is done in your Cristo Share profile, which consists of simply photographing your driver's license and taking a selfie.

How does the rental process work?

The entire rental process takes place online, through the app. In the app, it's possible to create a car lessor profile, reserve a car, and make the rental payment. Here, both lessors and lessees can provide the data necessary for the rental agreement. Based on these, the contract signing will also occur online, within the app.

We have written in more detail about the entire rental process in our Help Center. If you can't find an answer to something, feel free to ask us via chat!

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