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Questions Related to Insurance for Car Rentals
Questions Related to Insurance for Car Rentals
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With this post, we aim to answer the most important questions related to car insurance that may arise in connection with car rentals.

Do I need car insurance to rent out my car?

Of course, like every vehicle in traffic, the car rented through Cristo Share must have compulsory car insurance. You are not obliged to have Casco and Assistance insurance, but we definitely recommend it.

Can I rent out my car with Cristo Casco coverage?

Yes, if you have Cristo Casco insurance on your car, you can confidently rent it out, and the service will apply to it. However, from an insurance perspective, renting out typically represents a higher risk, thus in traditional cascos, the annual premium is subject to a significant surcharge. With Cristo Casco, however, you only need to pay an additional charge on the km rate, and only for the duration of the rental, making it more favorable than other casco constructions. An important advantage of Cristo Casco is that in case of damage, there is a predictable, fixed deductible in Hungarian forints, so in the event of major damages, the renter only needs to consider this, making it more predictable.

The additional charge for Cristo Casco during the rental period:

  • basic fee: unchanged, the daily rate contained in the policy kilometer rate: 2.5 times

  • the kilometer rate stated in the contract based on the kilometers driven during the rental period

Can I only insure my car with Cristo Casco for protection?

Of course, other casco insurances can also provide coverage during the rental period. If you have casco insurance on the car, we recommend that you consult with your insurer about the conditions under which it provides coverage during the rental period.

What to do if the car is damaged during the rental period?

If the car is damaged in any way during the rental period, the renter is obliged to notify the renter immediately.

If a technical malfunction occurs and there is assistance insurance on the car, the renter can contact the service provider. In the case of Cristo Assistance insurance, the renter has access to the service provider's phone number, where they can report the damage. For other Assistance insurances, it is advisable to request/give the Assistance contact to the renter.

If the rented car has casco insurance, then the lessor has the opportunity to report the damage. In this case, the lessee is obliged to forward pictures of the damage, as well as pay the deductible determined by the insurer to the lessor, which the lessor can also deduct from the deposit.

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