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On the Cristo Share page, only verified users can rent out and rent cars. In this post, we've gathered the most important information and details about the verification process.

Why is it necessary?

The verification helps ensure that you meet reliable lessors and lessees during the rental process. It reduces the fear related to car theft and fraud, and as a renter, you don't have to worry about being scammed. If anything happens, it helps that you are dealing with a verified person.

Process of identification

You can identify yourself with your driving licence or ID card in a simple online process provided by our service partner Sumsub in our app. However, it does matter how the identification is done, as you can only rent with a valid driver's license, so we expect identification to be done with a driver's license.

If you identify yourself with an ID card, you can only rent out, if you identify yourself with a driving licence, you can rent out and rent. You can do the identification on your Cristo Share profile, which consists of a simple ID photo and selfie.

Steps of the identification process:

Open Cristo Share in the application by navigating to the Share tab on the top menu bar or the Hub button on the bottom menu bar, then clicking the Share icon.

  1. Press on More

  2. Here click on Profile

  3. Click on the blue identification icon

  4. Select whether you want to identify yourself with an ID card or a driving licence

  5. Complete the identification

After successful identification you can rent or renting out a car in Cristo Share.

Identification and renting as a company

Of course, not only individuals can rent out or lease on Cristo Share, but also legal entities.

If you want to rent a car as a company:

  • the person who will drive and use the rented car must register in the application

  • the person who will drive and use the car must identify themselves with a driving licence

If you want to rent out a car as a company or legal entity

  • the person who is authorised to rent the company car and who will manage the rental must register in the application

  • the person who is authorised to rent out the company car or who will hand over the car must identify himself/herself with an identity card or driving licence

  • you can enter the host details when you create the car rental profile by clicking on Host details. Here, select Legal entity and fill in the company details.

Who performs the identification?

The identification is done by our partner Sumsub. The process of analysing the image and ID photo and accepting the identification is typically automatic, taking only a few seconds.

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