After registration, you can access the features and services of the Cristo app in the free version.

Free version, you can based on your phone details

  • pay for parking

  • buy a motorway sticker

  • assistance insurance

  • access discounts from our partners.

The Pro package adds a few more features and more convenience. As part of the Pro package, you get a telemetry device, Beat, to use, giving you an even more convenient, smarter and innovative experience.

Pro package based on Beat data:

  • parking payment + parking start warning and automatic stop

  • motorway vignette purchase + warning in case of missing vignette

  • automatic trip recording

  • statistics and driving analysis for all trips

  • "Where is my car?" function

  • Car status check

  • Car data display

  • Alarm when your car moves

  • Weather alert based on your car's location

  • Option to pay a usage-based casco payment

A telemetric device called Beat will arm your car with more accurate data, allowing you to enjoy a more convenient service.

To find out more about our parking service, click here or on the button below.

If you are interested in Cristo Casco, the usage-based payment of casco insurance, you can find out more by clicking here.

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