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Free version and Pro mode
Free version and Pro mode
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After registration, most of the features and services in the application are available in the free version, based on your phone's location data, in case you have a registered vehicle. The only exception to the requirement of adding a vehicle is the Cristo Share feature, as renting a car does not depend on whether you have registered your own vehicle or not.

Services available without registering a car in the free version:

  • Car rental on the Cristo Share interface

After registering a car:

  • Paying parking fees

  • Cristo Casco (Stay package) insurance subscription

  • Purchase of highway stickers

  • Cristo Assistance insurance subscription

  • Access to discounts offered by our partners

  • Car rental on the Cristo Share site (own car registration in the app is not needed for this feature)

  • Recording events: fueling/charging (you can find it under the super button in the center)

  • Display of parking events and recorded events in the event list

  • Statistics on expenses based on events recorded in the application or payments made within it.

If you want to take advantage of our additional convenience features, switch to Pro version! As part of the Pro package, we send a telemetry device (Beat) to every user, which provides an even more comfortable and a completely new, innovative driving experience.

Services available with Pro subscription:

  • Parking payment + warning to start parking, and automatic stopping of payment

  • We take over the parking convenience fee 8 times a month and provide the most convenient features

  • Cristo Casco (Stay + Move package) insurance subscription

  • Highway sticker purchase + warning in case of missing sticker

  • Car rental and car leasing on the Cristo Share interface

  • Automatic trip recording

  • Statistics on kilometers traveled, driving time, and points received for driving.

  • Driving analysis for every trip

  • "Where is my car?" feature

  • Car status check

  • Displaying car data

  • Creating travel records

  • Alarm when your car is moved

  • Weather alert based on your car's location

  • In the event list, we display the followings: parking events, fueling/charging, recorded events + the alerts and the trips

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