Cristo Casco is a usage-based casco insurance with two different packages! In this post we present the Cristo Stay and Cristo Move packages.

A usage-based casco insurance was available in the app between 2019 and 2022 under the name Roar CASCO. This usage-based solution will be phased out on 1 January 2023 and a new usage-based insurance, Cristo Casco, will be available from 04.01.2023.

Cristo Stay

Our Stay package is for those who are primarily concerned about damage to their car while parking. The insurance has a daily fee, which the user pays from a prepaid balance.

Cristo Stay covers the following damage caused while the vehicle is stationary:

  • natural demage

  • damage caused by theft or robbery

  • damage to property

  • fire and explosion damage

Cristo Move

If you want full coverage for your car, choose the Move package! You will pay a daily fee for the basic cover set out in the Stay package, plus a mileage fee based on the number of kilometres driven.

With the Cristo Move package, the insurance becomes comprehensive, so you are covered for:

  • breakage

  • glass breakage

  • natural damage

  • theft and robbery damage

  • damage to property

  • fire and explosion damage

Who can be the policyholder?

The Cristo Casco insurance is taken out by the user who uses the car. Naturally, during the insurance contracting process, it is possible to specify the owner of the car, which can be a company, and the leasing company in the case of leased cars.

Which vehicle is covered by Cristo Casco insurance?

Cristo Casco insurance is available for cars in normal use up to the age of 13 years.

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