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How can I upgrade to a Cristo Move package?
How can I upgrade to a Cristo Move package?
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Cristo Casco is available in two insurance packages: the Stay package covers damage to the parked vehicle (excluding breakages), while the Move package covers both breakages and glass breakage while parked and in transit, providing comprehensive cover.

This post explains how you can switch between the two packages.

A usage-based casco insurance was available in the app between 2019 and 2022 under the name Roar CASCO. This usage-based solution will be phased out on 1 January 2023 and a new usage-based insurance, Cristo Casco, will be available from 04.01.2023.

How to upgrade your insurance from Stay package to Move package

You can always decide to continue your insurance with a Move package. However, you will need a Pro subscription to do this, as the Beat that you are given to use with Pro will send us information about how much you are on the move.

  1. Open the Cristo Casco tile in the app

  2. Select the Move package and click on the "Upgrade to Move package" button at the bottom of the page (If you're not already a Pro subscriber, the first step is to click the "Switch to Pro subscription" button.)

  3. Check out the summary of the Move package, where you can find out about your insurance rates, coverages and terms.

  4. Then, as part of the process, take the requested photos of your car.

  5. The insurance is taken out when the contract is accepted and the balance is topped up.

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