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How can I get Cristo Casco?
How can I get Cristo Casco?
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In this post, you can find out how to get usage-based Cristo Casco insurance in the app! Everything happens within the app. With just a few taps, you can calculate your premium, and the contract signing takes just a few minutes.

Steps for contract signing:

  1. If you manage multiple cars in the app, select the one you want to insure with casco. You can do this on the starting screen in the upper left, by clicking on the license plate.

  2. Click on the Casco tab in the top menu bar, or on the Hub button in the bottom menu bar, then on the Casco icon.

  3. Calculate your usage-based Cristo Casco premium:

    1. Enter your postal code and the name of your town.

    2. Enter your vehicle details (vehicle type, year of manufacture, fuel, manufacturer, model, type).

    3. Indicate if someone under 23 years old will also drive your vehicle. (Important! If you decide in the settings that drivers under the age of 23 cannot drive your car, but in the event of damage, it turns out that the driver was under 23, the deductible payable during the repair will double from the original deductible!)

    4. We strive to provide the most convenient service, so in case of damage, you don't have to search for a service, schedule an appointment, and manage the repair. We take this burden off your shoulders. If you prefer to handle the repair yourself, indicate that you want to manage it on your own.

    5. Indicate if the owner of the car is a legal entity and if you are entitled to claim VAT back. Thus, we provide the service VAT-free in case of damage, and accordingly, the premium is more favorable.

  4. Choose your deductible!

  5. Choose between two insurance packages: by choosing the Stay package, you get full protection for most damage events even when the car is parked, while with the Move package, you are also protected while driving. Click here to learn more about the two insurance packages.

  6. The contract signing also happens in the app, in a few minutes*: Enter your personal details, your vehicle's VIN, and the registration certificate number. Get to know and accept the insurance terms, take inspection photos of the vehicle, and upon the first balance top-up, the contract is created, and your car is protected according to your insurance package.

Do I need a Pro subscription for Cristo Casco to work?

You do not need a Pro subscription for the Stay package, you can immediately sign the insurance, and the coverage takes effect after contract signing. The Move package requires a Pro subscription because this is how we measure how many kilometers you use your car. As a Pro member, you receive the Beat from us. This small device tells us how much you use your car. If you do not have a Pro membership for the selected vehicle and want the Move package, you must first apply for a Pro membership. While the Beat is being delivered to you (2-3 business days), you can start your insurance with the Stay package, and after connecting the device, you can upgrade your insurance to Move membership at any time.

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