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How to start parking?
How to start parking?

Start parking in the app

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Whether you have a Pro membership or not, you can start parking in two ways in the app: by clicking on the Your Parking card on the home screen, or by pressing the ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ icon on the bottom menu bar.

Within the Parking menu, the app automatically selects the parking zone corresponding to your location, but you can also manually choose a zone on the map.

  1. Before starting parking, make sure that you have selected the right vehicle (you can check this based on the license plate number shown in the top left corner, and you can change it by clicking on the license plate number) and parking zone.

  2. Press the Next button.

  3. Additional Parking Features:

    • entering payment and billing information,

    • automatic parking renewal,

    • parking reminder,

    • muting parking notifications,

    • viewing the list of your previous parking sessions,

    • and as a Pro subscriber, the ability to enjoy automatic parking termination.

If you do not yet have a Pro membership and a Beat device in your car, then be aware that in order to determine the location data, do not move away from your car, as the location is based on the cell information of your mobile phone.

Important! Before starting the payment, always check that the correct parking zone is selected! The app helps to determine the zone based on GPS data, which, due to the technology, can mean an inaccuracy of up to 20-30 meters depending on the device and surrounding buildings! Therefore, the zone indicated by the app is just a guide and can be overridden, so you can manually select exactly which parking zone you are in. If you see that the correct parking zone is not automatically selected in the app, please change it to the correct zone!

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