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Other parking features
Other parking features

Reminder, parking renewal, my previous parkings, mute parking notification, parking invoicing

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Parking Reminder

If you know approximately how long you want to park in a certain place, it is advisable to set a reminder, which will alert you after a certain time to let you know that your planned parking time is about to end, and it's time to head back to your car.

Automatically Renewable Parking

If you park with manual stop (regardless of whether you have a Beat device or not), you can set up automatic parking renewal. This means that after the maximum waiting time of the given parking zone expires, the parking will be automatically renewed. If necessary, the renewal can repeat until the end of the payment period for that day. You will receive a notification message from us 5 minutes before the renewal. You can activate this function when you start parking

πŸ“Œ If you are not a Pro package member, automatic renewal can only be used by paying a convenience fee of 70 Ft or more and with saved credit card! If you choose the convenience fee between 0 and 45 Ft, the automatic renewal function is not available.

Viewing My Previous Parkings

If you are curious about your previous parking sessions and their details, press the Events icon on the bottom menu bar on the app's home screen, and then click on the parking session you are interested in from the list. This way, you can view the details of the selected parking session.

Muting Parking Notifications

The automatic parking warning sent to Pro members can be turned off by zone, which can be done by selecting the parking zone and pressing the bell icon. In the pop-up window that appears, confirm your decision by clicking the Yes button.

You can remove the mute by pressing the crossed-out bell icon. If you want to view the list of previously muted parking zones, click on the gear icon, then choose the Muted Zones option.

Billing for Parking

If you would like to receive an invoice for your parking, you have the option to provide a new billing address or select a previously recorded one at the start of parking. We send the invoice via email once a month, in the form of a settlement invoice, which includes all the parking sessions for the entire month.

Billing as a Fleet Manager Member

If you are a member of a fleet with your car, then using the centrally registered bank card by the fleet manager, we automatically fill in the billing address, and the invoice is sent to the fleet manager.

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