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Parking with green license plate
Parking with green license plate

Should I pay for parking if I have a green license plate?

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Drivers with green license plates can park for free in many places across the country, however, this is always under the jurisdiction of the respective municipality. Therefore, currently there is no available official central database indicating where green license plate holders have to pay or not. In our application, members of the green license plate community can indicate whether a particular zone is chargeable for them or not, and we rely on this information to update our own database. However, we ask everyone to be cautious and, if possible, to verify whether the specific zone is indeed free for them, as the information in our application is currently for informational purposes only, and the responsibility always lies with the parking user!

Where can I see if parking is free with a green license plate?

If you select a parking zone on the map, where you do not have to pay as a green license plate holder, the first time a pop-up will indicate that parking is free within the selected the zone, and also shows how many votes support this. Later on, on the Selected Zone panel, a small leaf icon below the parking fee indicates whether users think you need to pay: if the leaf icon is green, parking is free for cars with green license plates; however, if the leaf is red, the zone requires payment for all vehicles. In the pop-up, you can also vote yes or no depending on whether you think the parking zone requires payment as a green license plate holder.

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