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Parking template

How to save your parking settings as a template

Updated over a week ago

If you frequently start parking in the same place, and at the same time the details of the parking are consistently the same, you can save time by saving your parking as a template, so next time you only need to load the saved template.

When can this be useful?

For example, if you always go to work with the same car, which you park in the same parking zone each time, regularly start the payment from the same credit card, and your billing address is unchanged, then it's worth saving this parking among your templates.

Where can I set up the parking template?

Open the parking in the app and select the car for which you want to buy the parking ticket. Complete the settings and enter your credit card details or choose one of your saved cards. At the very end of the settings, you can save the current parking settings as a template using the Save Template function. The template is automatically saved when you start the parking.

Tip: You can also name each saved template, making it easier to find the one you currently need. Click here to read more about saving your credit card!

Where can I find the saved parking templates?

You can create templates for multiple parking sessions. These can be accessed by clicking on the Parking tab.

How can I delete a saved parking template?

You can delete a saved parking template by selecting the template you no longer need, and then swiping the saved parking you want to delete from right to left.

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