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Handling my Credit Cards
Handling my Credit Cards

Adding, managing, and deleting credit cards

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How can I add a new credit card?

You can add a new bank card on the homepage by pressing on your profile picture, then in the Credit Cards section, by clicking on the "+" button at the bottom of the screen.

When adding a new credit card, as a first step you can name your card. Then it's necessary to provide the name, address, and phone number associated with the credit card. This is to ensure the two-step verification and what's known as 3DS card verification during the card registration process.

What is more, you can add a new credit card during any payment process. If you click on the card selector under Payment, and then on the "+" button, you also have the option to register the card.

(If you decide to pay with a card that wasn’t previously registered, and you don’t want to add it to your saved ones this time neither, you can pay by clicking on the Pay without saving the card button.)

📌Automatic parking renewal only works if parking is initiated with a saved credit card!

How can I set my credit card as the default?

You can select a default credit card after adding your cards. If you have only one registered card, there is nothing more to do, as it will automatically become the default. If you have multiple registered cards in the app, it might be worth checking which card is set as the default, i.e., from which account the money will be deducted during payments. To do so first tap on your user profile photo in the top right corner of the home screen, and later on the Credit Cards button.

To indicate which card you want to display as default, you should press on the star sign next to the credit card. This card will appear first during payment.

Setting up automatic Casco balance top-up

You can set up automatic balance top-up by tapping the Casco tab in the top menu bar, or on the Hub button in the bottom menu bar, and after on the gear icon. Choose or add a new credit card from which you want the automatic casco balance top-up to occur.

How can I delete my credit card?

If you want to delete your credit card, reach the Credit Cards section by clicking on your user profile photo in the top right corner of the home screen. In the list of credit cards, simply swipe the card you want to delete all the way to the left, and press the trash can icon.

Why can't I delete my credit card?

If a credit card is selected for the automatic casco balance top-up process, you cannot delete the card. First you have to choose another credit card for automatic top-up, and only then can you delete the former credit card.

Managing a credit card linked to the Fleet Manager service

If your work-related car expenses are paid by your workplace, using the Fleet Manager can be a great option to manage payments. But how does it work? In our Fleet Manager service, the fleet manager registers a credit card under certain conditions, and you can use this card according to these conditions to cover services within the app. You just have to select this company credit card at your pament and the billing adress will be automatically the one that was set by the fleet manager.

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