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Euroleasing Drive application
Euroleasing Drive application
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What makes the Euroleasing Drive application different?

The Euroleasing Drive (eDrive) application is designed for the customers of Euroleasing Zrt. In terms of its functions and services, it is fundamentally similar to the Cristo application, so the information found in the Cristo Help Center also applies to users of the Euroleasing Drive application. The customer service activities related to Cristo services available in the application are also provided by the Cristo team.

Currently, the only difference in the services offered by the two applications is that the homepage of the Euroleasing Drive application is the one that provides access to Euroleasing Zrt.'s online customer service interface: the E-Customer system.

It's important to note that only those customers who have authorization can log in to this interface (they can log in by clicking on the button).

IMPORTANT! The provider of the E-Customer service is the Euroleasing Zrt., so the Cristo application's customer service cannot assist with problems related to Euroleasing, nor can they provide information on existing leasing contracts or leasing-related questions.

Discounted Pro Package for Euroleasing Customers

Euroleasing Zrt. provides a discounted Pro package for its customers. For this, the customers are sent a unique discount code, which can only be redeemed in the Euroleasing Drive application. To redeem the discount code first press on the Pro plan card, then on the Pro plan details, and finally choose the annual payment on the Plan select interface.

If you are a customer of Euroleasing Zrt. but have not received a discount code, please contact us, so that we can send it to you, and you can use it in the Euroleasing Drive application.

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