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Cristo Credit

Using Cristo Credit, redeeming coupons, gift vouchers

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Cristo Credit is a virtual balance that you can use for payments within the app.

Where can I find it?

You can find the Cristo Credit option by clicking on your profile picture, and there you will see your Cristo Credit balance. By clicking on the balance, you have the option to redeem coupons, and also get more information about Cristo Credit.

How can I use it?

You can use it to pay for any service up to the amount of your balance (the only exception being the rental fee for car rentals). Before making a payment, indicate that you want to pay from your Cristo Credit balance.

Earn Cristo Credit!

Recommend the app to your friends

Invite your friends to the app, and if they register, your invitee will receive a 1,000 HUF Cristo Credit, which can be used for any service within the app.
What do we give you in return?

  • You receive a 1,000 HUF credit if your invitee spends at least 5,000 HUF on any service within the app.

  • You receive a 5,000 HUF credit if your invitee activates the Pro package.

Redeeming a coupon/promotional code

If you received a gift voucher or coupon, you can redeem it on the Cristo Credit page.

  1. Open the Cristo Credit page (by clicking on your profile picture, then on Cristo Credit).

  2. Click on the Redeem Promotional Code button.

  3. Enter the code you received.

  4. Redeem it for credits by clicking on the Redeem button.

After a successful redemption, the amount appears in your Cristo Credit balance, which you can use for anything within the app. 🤑Note that some promotional codes and credits may have a validity date. You can also find the validity of the vouchers, as well as used or expired vouchers, on the Cristo Credit page.

Purchasing Cristo Credit

Haven’t you found the perfect gift for your best friend or for your sibling yet? Or maybe you would like to reward an employee? 🎁 Gift a Cristo Credit in the form of a voucher, which you can purchase on our website: Cristo Credit -

Cristo Az autós szuperAPP - , and we will email you the voucher.

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