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What happens if I unplug the Beat?
What happens if I unplug the Beat?
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Beat provides us with your trip data, helps you to automatically stop parking and can read your car's fault codes so you can be informed as soon as possible, so we recommend you only unplug it when your car is being serviced.

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If you have a Casco contract, report the repair of your car to us within 30 minutes of removal via the Cristo Casco card, so that your cover will not be interrupted until the device is reconnected (do this as soon as possible after the service).

If the Beat was not removed due to servicing, your "Move" package will change to a "Stay" package and you will need to perform the inspection process when the device is reinstalled.


Once the device is reinstalled, a calibration will be performed, which is a normal process and will take a few trips. During the calibration you will not see the distance travelled.

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