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What happens if I unplug the Beat?
What happens if I unplug the Beat?
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Since we can provide you with convenience services such as automatic parking stop, trip recording, and vehicle fault code reading based on data from Beat, it is advised to remove the Beat device only when necessary (e.g., when you take your car to a service center). This is because, by doing so, the previously mentioned services will not be available, and also, after reinserting the device, the calibration process will begin again.

What happens to my Casco insurance if I remove the Beat?

If you have Cristo Casco - Move insurance package membership and desire continuous comprehensive protection, it is essential to keep the telemetry device constantly connected, as Beat transmits the necessary data to us for determining the Move insurance price. Naturally, if you take your car to a service center, you have the option to remove the device for this duration. However, please notify us of this removal within 30 minutes via the app. You can do this by clicking on the Cristo Casco card and then pressing the My car is being serviced button. After the service, reconnect your device as soon as possible!

If you removed the Beat for reasons other than servicing, your Move membership will automatically switch to the Stay package. After reinstalling the device, if you wish to continue as a Move package user, you will need to undergo the inspection process again!

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