Beat device handover

Beat device handover process

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If you own a previously purchased Beat device, you can transfer it or, if you want to enjoy your Pro subscription in another car, you can transfer it within your profile.

Important: If you have a valid Cristo Casco insurance with Move package, which requires the Beat device to work, you will not be able to transfer your Beat device.

To assign your Beat device to another car

  1. Select the car you want to assign the Beat device to or add its license plate number (This is how you can add a new car to your profile.)

  2. Open the Pro package card at the bottom left

  3. Click on the "Scan QR code" button

  4. Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code on your device.

    1. If you can't scan it, you can also find the QR code on the Beat box

    2. If you don't have the box or can't find the QR code on it, contact us in-app chat or here by clicking on the message icon at the bottom right and we'll send it to you.

  5. By scanning the QR code you have assigned it to the car of your choice. Then connect the device to the car.

    Important! Preferably do not connect in an underground car park, but in a place where there is a signal. The Beat has a separate SIM card that sends data via mobile data transfer, but you will need a connection for this.

  6. Start your car for a few minutes! This is necessary so that the Beat can get a charge and we can detect in the system that the device is connected.

  7. Successful connection! If all is well, a pop-up screen in the app will indicate that the device has been successfully connected. After that, the Pro functions are fully enabled.

If you get stuck or have a problem, let us know! The easiest way to do this is by going to your profile picture in the app, using the Chat option, or by clicking on the message icon at the bottom right!

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