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Adding a highway vignette to my profile.
Adding a highway vignette to my profile.
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How can I add a highway vignette?

Within the application, you have the opportunity to purchase a highway vignette or register one bought elsewhere, making it easy to access a list of your purchased vignettes with all their details in the future.

Your highway vignettes are accessible by clicking on the Highway Vignette tab in the top menu bar, or on the Highway Vignette icon within the Hub tab. Here, you can also record a previously purchased vignette by clicking on the + button under the My Vignettes tab.

Why should you register your highway vignette purchased elsewhere?

Because this way, you can easily access all previously purchased vignettes in one place, and check their validity is just a few clicks away. Moreover, if your vignette has expired, you can repurchase them right here.

Highway vignette alert for pro members

Yes, it’s true! If you have a Pro membership for your car, you will receive a notification from us when your registered highway vignette expires (regardless of whether you purchased it through our app or elsewhere but registered it in the app). You will also be notified if you venture onto a toll section for which our system indicates you do not have a valid highway vignette, thus ensuring you can avoid unwanted fines.

Remember: from the moment you enter the highway, you have 60 minutes to purchase the missing vignette to avoid a fine! You can read more about this here.

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