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Why was I fined if I have a highway vignette?
Why was I fined if I have a highway vignette?
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The main reasons for imposing a surcharge may include the following:

  • You have purchased road usage rights for the incorrect toll category, for example:

    • you are towing a trailer with a bus, but only have a B2 entitlement instead of B2+U

    • you have purchased a D1 category entitlement for a passenger car suitable for transporting more than 7 people instead of D2

  • You mistyped your license plate number during the purchase, so the license plate number on the purchase confirmation or voucher does not match the actual license plate number.

  • The validity period of the e-vignette has expired or has not yet started.

  • The registration number on the inspection voucher or the acknowledgment notification differs from the real registration number on the vehicle's registration.

  • You have an annual entitlement for a specific county, but you used it outside the junctions defined in the regulations, meaning you were traveling on the toll road network of another county.

Sometimes, it may happen that someone correctly purchases a highway vignette online for their vehicle and the payment is made, but the amount does not reach the National Toll Payment Services Plc. (Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt.) in time. Therefore, after traveling on a toll road, they receive a surcharge notice. Such cases typically involve a technical issue, which our customer service staff help to resolve. To investigate the case, the following are needed:

  • the customer's information and contact details,

  • the vehicle's details (registration document),

  • a screenshot of the payment confirmation/transaction,

  • bank proof that the transfer has been made from the account

As soon as it is proven to be a technical issue, the surcharge is logically withdrawn, and the purchased e-vignette will be valid until the appropriate time.

Source: NÚSZ Zrt.

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