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What's the Beat for?
What's the Beat for?
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The Beat is a clever little telemetry tool that puts you in "Pro mode" and gives you access to the Pro features of the app.

Trip recording, driving analysis, statistics

Beat automates, for example, the recording of trips, so you can look back at trips where we indicate any incorrect driving events (e.g. sudden acceleration, deceleration or cornering). We also score your driving style to encourage you to drive better. But don't worry, this has no impact on your insurance premium. Additionally, you can view statistics on the points received for your driving style, kilometers traveled, and expenses within the application in daily/weekly/monthly/annual or custom breakdowns.

Journey log

With the Beat tool, all your trips are automatically recorded. Turn on trip logging and on the 1st of each month, we'll email you the previous month's trip log for all the trips you've made.

Car data

The data that can be retrieved from the car is displayed. The range of data that can be displayed depends on the type and year of the vehicle.


If you turn it on, we'll let you know if your car is in a second or third weather alert based on its location.

You can also turn it on if you want to be notified when your car moves.

Error code reading

Beat can also read the possible fault codes of your vehicle and display them for you, so you'll have the right information to contact your mechanic.

Smart parking

When you park, as soon as we notice you're parked in a pay zone, we'll automatically warn you, indicating which zone you're in. And when you move off, we'll automatically stop charging you based on data from Beat.

Motorway vignette alert

The Beat also alerts you if you are using a toll road section for which you do not have a valid toll sticker according to the Cristo app. Why is this good? You have 60 minutes from the time you drive up to get a valid toll sticker and avoid a penalty.

Usage-based casco

Convenient, automated, tailored to your car usage habits. No need to signal when your car is on the move or parked outside. The telemetric device does it for you, automatically.

"Where is my car?" feature

Beat knows where you left your car, so we'll show you and navigate you to it at the touch of a button.

New event list (from version 8.0)

In the updated event list, in addition to recording parking, fueling/charging, and other events, as a Pro user, alerts and the trips you have made also appear in the event list.

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