The motorway network in a given county can be used legally up to the first junction in the next county with a county sticker entitling you to use it. Thereafter, use of the motorway network is only possible with a valid vignette for the neighbouring county concerned or with a valid national (e.g. weekly/10-day/) e-vignette entitling you to use the entire network.

Bona fide road users who have mistakenly driven onto the toll road network will have a maximum of 60 minutes from the time of driving onto the toll road to purchase their toll road entitlement. If the vehicle is not in possession of a valid entitlement 60 minutes after the drive-up, a surcharge will be payable.

Motorway alert

Cristo Pro users are alerted via the Beat if they have used a road that the app says they do not have a valid permit for. This way, within 60 minutes of driving up, the right to use the road can be replaced with a few taps.

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