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Where and how can I set up an invoice address?
Where and how can I set up an invoice address?
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You can add multiple invoice addresses to your profile, and during the payment process of each service you can choose which one of your addresses you want to use.

Setting up an invoice address

By clicking on your user profile photo in the top right corner of the home screen, you can access the Invoice address section. Within this section, by pressing the + icon, you have the option to provide one or more new billing addresses, or modify the existing billing information.

Selecting an invoice address

Whichever of our services you use, you can choose the invoice address to which you want the invoice to be sent during payment. By pressing the "+" button, you also have the option to provide a new invoice address here. If you do not want an invoice, then choose the I do not want an invoice option.

💡Tip! If you want to change the billing address, then click on the billing address displayed during payment (in the picture: Smartsurance Technologies Kft., 1111 Példa, Domb út 12/A), and after a list will pop up where you can find your stored invoice addresses.

When will I receive an invoice for my expenses in the application?

For purchases within the application, we always send an invoice by email after the payment has been completed. The exception to this is parking, for which you will receive a consolidated invoice on the 1st of every month.

Our Fleet Manager service also falls into a separate category, as during its use, the fleet manager will receive a monthly accounting invoice by email, showing all transactions (this can also be downloaded from the Fleet Manager interface).

Invoice address in the case of using the Fleet Manager service

If you are a member of a fleet and the costs of various services you use (e.g., parking, highway sticker purchase) are covered by your workplace, then all you have to do is select the credit card shared with you by the fleet manager during payment. Since it's about a centrally registered credit card, you don't have to provide the invoice address, but the fleet manager sets it up, and every invoice will arrive at that address.

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