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Deleting your account
Deleting your account
Updated over a week ago

If you would like to delete your user account, click on your profile picture, then go to the Settings menu, where at the bottom of the page you can initiate the process by pressing the Delete Account button. We will review your request, and if you don't have an active casco insurance or Pro subscription, your user account will be deleted. Otherwise, we can only delete your profile after the expiration date of the casco insurance or Pro subscription.

Important! Deleting your user account does not automatically mean the deletion of your personal data as well, if the Data Controller (Smartsurance Technologies Ltd.) is obligated under EU or Member State law to retain them. For example, if you have made a purchase or other payment through your account, then the Data Controller is required to retain the accounting documents and your personal data appearing in the accounting records for the period prescribed by the accounting law (Act C of 2000 on Accounting), which is 8 years.

You can find more details in the data protection information document: Cristo_Adatkezelesi_tajekoztato_20230920.pdf

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