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Convenience Fee
Convenience Fee
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In the application, you have the freedom to decide the amount of the convenience fee you wish to pay during parking. Moreover, in exchange for the convenience fee, we truly provide real convenience! 😉

Real convenience for the convenience fee

We believe that the convenience fee should genuinely provide convenience! Our goal is to offer the most for the lowest convenience fee available in the market. We have reviewed the convenience services provided during parking payment and explored the options offered by our competitors, returning with the most attractive offer for you. Of course, we haven't forgotten about our Pro members, who in return for their loyalty, can enjoy even more convenience.

Let's see what our application offers in exchange for the convenience fee

In exchange for paying the parking fee through our application, we provide numerous services that are unique in the market. For instance, parking fee payment with a saved card, where we do not pre-authorize an amount from your card, unlike what often happens through other systems. To our knowledge, our application is the only one in the domestic market with an integrated active notification, allowing you to continuously monitor the status of your parking, even on your phone's locked screen.

You also have the option of automatic parking renewal within the day of parking initiation (no later than midnight). As a Pro member, you also enjoy a truly special service: the experience of automatic parking termination, ensuring no more forgotten parking meters.

📌Automatic parking renewal only works if parking is initiated with a saved credit card!

How to set an automatic convenience fee?

Convenience fee selector

For those whose car does not have a Pro membership, the following convenience fees can be chosen during parking payment:

45 HUF (as a new user)

As a new user, you can enjoy the following convenience services for just 45 HUF on 5 occasions during your parking payment:

  • Active notification

  • Automatic parking renewal

  • Parking reminder

45 HUF

Starting and stopping parking, position and zone classification based on phone data, option to set reminders

70 Ft

Everything the 45 HUF level offers + active notification (display of parking status on the locked screen) + automatic parking renewal

100 Ft

Everything the 70 HUF level offers + a little incentive for us to be better in the future.

For those whose car has a Pro membership, they can enjoy all the previously mentioned convenience features, but they can also choose from different convenience fees:

0 Ft

Can be chosen 8 times per month per user and per car with a Pro subscription.

45 Ft

So initiated parking doesn't cost us anything

70 Ft

So our developments are also honored

100 Ft

This continues to be what we are most happy about and encourages us to be even better.

Background information on the convenience fee

The legal basis for a unified mobile payment system was established by Act CC of 2011, and its implementation is governed by Government Decree 356/2012. This decree specifies that resellers must pay a convenience fee of 40 HUF per initiated parking to Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. Since they do not receive any other commission or compensation for the sale of parking services, they have the option to establish a higher convenience fee and charge it to the users. Other costs related to parking, such as credit card transaction fees, customer service, and development costs, can also be included in the convenience fee.

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