In this post you can find out how the fees are calculated and paid.

A usage-based casco insurance was available in the app between 2019 and 2022 under the name Roar CASCO. This usage-based solution will be phased out on 1 January 2023 and a new usage-based insurance, Cristo Casco, will be available from 04.01.2023.

Payment of fees:

The insurance premium, for both the Stay and Move packages, is paid from a pre-filled balance. You can top up your balance in the app. If you already have insurance, open the Cristo Casco card on the bottom right and click on the wallet icon on the top right. Here you can enter the amount you want to top up and your credit card and premium payer details.

Under settings, you have the option to request automatic top-up. This will automatically top up the balance of the selected card if it falls below a certain amount. This allows you to keep your car protected at all times. If your balance runs out, your cover will be cancelled.

Stay package fee:

The insurance premium is paid from a pre-filled balance as described above. You pay a daily fee for the Stay package, which is deducted from this balance.

Move package fee:

Again, the insurance premium is paid from a pre-filled balance. For the Move package you pay a daily fee and a mileage fee, which is deducted from this balance. To know when and how many kilometres you have used your car, you need a Pro subscription, because then you will receive the Beat for use, which provides us with the data.

Stay package

daily rate

no Pro subscription required

Move package

daily fee + mileage

Pro subscription required

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