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8.0 New Features
Updated over a week ago

Revamped bottom menu bar and functionality

The items in the bottom menu have changed. Here's a brief overview of what you can access in each menu option:


The Dashboard is a complex structure, as it houses both the "Home" page and the pages of individual services, which you can switch between using the top menu bar. The elements of the Dashboard's top menu bar (excluding "Home") can be freely rearranged or deleted. Simply press and hold on the top menu bar and drag the pages to where you want them, or touch the small "x" in the corner of the page name to delete it.

Home Page

On the top part of the home page, you can place widgets. Widgets are elements related to various services. They are typically available in two widths.

Adding widgets can be done in two ways:

  1. Press the "+" button in the top right corner of the Widgets section, select the widget you want to add, and then choose the size you'd like it to appear on the home page. By pressing the "Add Widget" button, the widget you selected will appear on the home page.

  2. Go to any service page, and if you see a widget there that you'd like to have on the home page, just press and hold it, select its size, and tap the "Add Widget" button.

Moving a widget

On the Home page, you can rearrange the widgets at any time to suit your convenience. Just press and hold, then drag it to where you want it.

Deleting a widget

To delete a widget, you need to press on it, slightly longer than you would for moving it, without moving it at all. After that, just select the pop-up "Delete" button. Deleted widgets can be added back to the Home screen at any time from the Hub.


The map is similar to the previous parking map, and currently, you can access the parking service on it as well. However, in the future, other location-based services will also appear here, such as electric chargers.

However, the top menu part has changed. By selecting the magnifying glass, you can search for zones, and by pressing the cogwheel, you can access parking settings.

"Super button"

The central, alternating button in the bottom menu serves multiple purposes. Here, you can directly access various services (e.g., buying highway vignettes, starting parking, etc.) and record events. Initially, you can log refueling/electric vehicle charging, and in the future, more types of events will be added.


The events list includes traveled journeys, parking sessions, the current position, low battery alerts, as well as recorded refueling/electric car charging. The latter events can be logged retroactively by pressing the "+" button on the given day.

When recording an event, a photo can be taken after saving to document the event, such as photographing the fuel receipt.

For cars with a Pro subscription and a connected Beatt that reliably receive fuel level data without significant fluctuations, we pre-display the detected refueling with an orange dashed outline, which only needs to be finalized.


This is where the section for services, promotions, and offers has been designed.

By pressing on the individual services, you can open them. The pushpin icon in the top right corner of the opened service screen allows you to add or even delete the service page from among the Dashboard tabs.

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