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Claims Settlement? What Does It Mean That You Handle the Repairs in Case of Damage?
Claims Settlement? What Does It Mean That You Handle the Repairs in Case of Damage?

Claims Settlement Process Comfortably, With Extra Services

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With insurance, we sell a promise that when trouble arises, we help. With our new Cristo Casco product, we aimed to provide a quality service that is even more comfortable than usual. However, it's worth looking at how this will work in practice.

Service Where We Handle Everything

When you've damaged your car, you've already had enough stress without looking for more. That's why we strive to take everything off your shoulders and handle it for you. In the Cristo app, you can report the damage with just a few touches, and from there, our claims settlement partner, Euro Claim expert office, and Kárweb will take care of everything.

Claims Settlement in Steps

  1. You report the damage.

  2. Within 24 hours, our expert partner will contact you.

  3. They organize the inspection with you as soon as possible, which will happen within 5 days, but it mostly depends on when you can go because they will want to go as soon as possible.

    • During the inspection, you can specify what extra services you would like during your claims settlement. You can find information about the extra services below.

  4. Based on the inspection, we discuss smaller damages with you over the phone, and if you accept the offered compensation, we immediately transfer it to your bank card.

  5. For larger damages, or if you do not wish to accept the offered amount, we discuss with you the service offers we received, what extra services the services offered for the repair, and when we can pick up your car.

  6. We pick up your car and take it to the service.

  7. The service performs the professional, quality repair.

  8. We return your renewed car to you.

  9. In case of total loss, we help in selling the wreck.

But of course, if you prefer to take your car to the selected service yourself, you have that option as well.

What Extra Services Can I Choose From During Claims Settlement?

The goal is to provide you with a higher quality service and more than what you've received from other insurers before. Therefore, we designed our cooperation so that after reporting your damage, based on the size of the damage, you can also receive other services typically provided by our service partners because they will compete to be chosen by you. Every quote request includes a pick-up and return service, meaning it will always be part of our service, as we mentioned above. Additionally, you can prioritize the following extra services, which will be part of the service offer, indicating which service can offer them to you:

  • Loaner car during repair

  • Partial or full depreciation take-over

  • Partial or full casco deductible take-over

  • Repair of other damage (other, not current accident-related injuries, under deductible previous injuries)

  • Vehicle transport to the repair site

  • Oil change (engine oil, filter)

  • Technical inspection (regulatory)

  • Vehicle technical examination

  • Vehicle washing

  • Weekend repairs too (Saturday, Sunday)

Does the Repair Happen in a Specialized Service?

Naturally, this is a question most often asked about such a service. At our service provision, every service is a specialized service. However, you decide what level of service you would like to receive: If at least one of the following is a yes, then you should choose factory repair. In this case, the repair is done using factory parts, with the technology prescribed by the expert:

  • Your car is younger than 6 years or still under warranty,

  • During claims settlement, no depreciation deduction is expected from the price of replaced parts,

  • Ensuring manufacturer repair technology is a primary concern for you.

Choosing factory restoration typically means fewer extra services are offered to you by these services or to a lesser extent (for example, partial or full deductible take-over). However, if one of the following applies to you, it's advisable to choose the alternative repair, where the repair can also be done using aftermarket new or type-correct dismantled parts:

  • Your car is more than 6 years old, and a deduction is expected from the price of replacement parts,

  • The repair cost is expected to approach the economic total loss limit, but you want to repair it,

  • If you want to receive as broad and comprehensive extra services as possible.

In this case, the specialized services can provide more options regarding extra services, meaning you can receive more various services in addition to the basic repair.

Can I Decide to Search for a Service Myself?

The short answer is yes. If you do not wish to make use of the above convenience and extra services, then you have the option to find the service yourself where you would like the repair to be done. However, since the claims settlement process is less controllable by us in this case, you must indicate during the contract signing that you would like to handle this in the event of a possible damage, and we will accept this, but we will charge an additional fee for it.

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