The Beat is a clever little telemetry tool that puts you in "Pro mode" and gives you access to the Pro features of the app.

We are building convenience services based on data from the Beat. For example, it automates the recording of trips, allowing you to look back at trips where you have made an incorrect driving decision (e.g. sudden acceleration, deceleration, or cornering). We also score your driving style based on these to encourage you to drive better. But don't worry, this has no impact on your insurance premium. You can also view statistics of your journeys on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Beat can also read the fault codes of your vehicle, and we'll display them for you, so you'll have the right information to visit your mechanic.

When parking, as soon as we detect that you're parked in a pay zone, we'll automatically warn you, indicating which zone you're in. And when you drive off, we'll automatically stop the charge based on the data from Beat.

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